Ground Support

Superior Ground Support is the backbone of Xtreme Structures.

Roll over the numbers to discover why!

Xtreme Head Blocks are offered as an option in a double chain pulley configuration.
Xtreme Head Blocks are built in a fork ended, bolt plated, or the new XLoc connection.
Xtreme Head Blocks are built to customer's exact requirements. Pulleys are aligned for minimum tow-in — out of chain drops, for a safer and secure system.
Xtreme Head Block comes standard with stainless shafts and bearings for minimum friction. This eliminates excessive wear and less amp draw to expensive chain motors.
Xtreme Towers come standard with 3-sides of diagonals for additional load support, and with 9" long fork end shanks secured by 18,000 pound stainless coil spring pins.
Xtreme Stabilizer secures structure for maximum ground support.
1"-5" Acme Stainless Adjustment thread with removable T-handle eliminates the need for greasy lubricants.
Xtreme Base Plates accommodate fork-end as well as plated connections from 12" to 16" tower sizes. Plated MD 20.5" truss/tower can also be used.
6" diameter self-leveling, aluminum pads available with optional Delrin pads for gymnasium floors and ice floor applications; secured with stainless hardware.
XSF offers "Xtreme" sleeve blocks to be used with special towers for heavy load lifting.
XSF Stocks 24" x 24" aluminum baseplates that accommodate 12" x 12" up to 20.5" x 20" as well as 12" x 18" truss sizes.
Baseplates available with swivel casters and floor brakes for light duty-indoor applications with minimal tower height.
Xtreme Outrigger can be positioned in virtually any position to clear stages, set pieces, walkways, etc., rather than the restrictive industry standard fixed 90° points.
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