Specialty Items

Supplying custom sized and designed truss, and truss for custom applications, are among our core competencies. Some of the custom items we specialize in are adjustable ladders, adjustable tent beam clamps for rigging points, follow spot chairs, I-beam truss for motors and fly carts, meat racks and plasma stands.

Custom "Par Pods" built to hold Par Can Light Bars. This unit held six 6-Bars for a total of 36k of lights. It was also built to bolt together to other units to create large banks of par cans.
Custom truss adapters. This adapter was built to clamp a MD Forkended truss onto the side of a 30" x 36" truss. This is very useful as cable raceways or stabilizing grids.
Meat Racks. All meat rack's built by XSF are custom built to hold what ever light it is that the client needs to haul. We equip our meat racks with heavy duty casters with floor brakes to keep racks from moving.
Adjustable ladders. Ladders are custom built to length. The ladders can be used to stabilize towers or grids. All hardware used is stainless steel to prevent rusting.
Adjustable Tent Beam Clamps. These are used for a common type of tent beam that has slotted opening at the bottom of the beam. These clamps provide an internal "Grip" along with a tightening thread to hold clamp in place. They are available in any size.
I-Beam Truss. I-beam welded to the bottom of truss allows the use of fly carts, motor hoist trolleys, camera track, etc. to travel down the length of a truss. Available with any size/combination of I-Beam and truss.
Plasma Stands. XSF was asked to build an "Out of the ordinary" stand to hold a plasma TV and be creative. We built multiple units of these.
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